homage III by Richard hutten
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16th century centerpices delfts blue

A tribute and questioning authenticity

10 03 2015

Homage III
Homage I

design: Richard Hutten

design: Richard Hutten

design: Bertjan Pot

Gathering Whale

design: Marcel Wanders

Fioole Black
Homage I by Richard Hutten

Over the past 10 years Cor Unum presented 5 special collections that were shown at the international design exhibitions over the world. In 2007 the CenterPieces Collection was presented, first in Milan during the Salone Inetranzionale Del Mobile.

homage III by Richard Hutten signature

Cor Unum Contemporary Ceramics founded in 1953 and since than housed in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, is a company with a rich history of great craftsmanship making beautiful products with the highest quality. Since the middle of the 1990’s Cor Unum management choose for products with an exclusive design, often by designers that in general were not used to work with ceramics, not being restricted by technical possibilities in clay. This has lead to the most interesting products that are being sold worldwide and are part of collections in for example the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Richard Hutten portrait

Richard Hutten’s Homage series for Cor Unum are ceramic assemblies, constructed with pieces designed by other designers for Cor Unum. Homage I contains the well known SF-vase by Marc Newson, the Glove vase by Konstantin Grcic, an Orgeramic study by Ross Lovegrove, parts of the Fioole by Marcel Wanders. The Homage II and III are constructed with piece designed by Ettore Sottsass, Jasper Morrison, MVRDV, Ron Arad, Wieki Somers and Richard Hutten himself. He says that the series, on one side it is a tribute to the great designers who worked with Cor Unum and on the other side is questioning authenticity and stardom than designers have reached to.

The concept ‘CenterPieces’ was developed together with Art Director Ed Annink. The CenterPieces collection was referring to the 16th century’s rich Dutch families who were having a special piece on the table. By putting a centerpiece, in the middle of the table, the host always had a backup to for a topic to talk about when having visitors.

The Homage series is made in a rough sand color ceramic splashed with black glaze. They are produced in a limited amount of 50 pieces each and signed by Richard Hutten.

The designers of Cor Unum’s CenterPieces Collection that lead to great international publicity and appreciation were Marcel Wanders, Ineke Hans, Demakersvan, BertJan Pot and Richard Hutten who designed the Homage I, II, III and IV.

cor unum centrpieces exhibition
homage I by Richard hutten

16th century Delfts Blue center piece

Homage I by Richard Hutten

Homage I, II and III by Richard Hutten

Cor Unum Center Pieces exhibition

Homage III by Richard Hutten

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