“Joep van Lieshout and Hans Lensvelt met in 1998. Until that moment Hans had only worked with architects and designers. Never with an artist. Architects and designers approach products in a different and rational way. They follow a process. What Joep did was just creating.” “Hans his first visit to Joep’s atelier was quite a surprise. It was at the Keileweg in Rotterdam, right in the middle of the low-end prostitute gathering point. It was anarchy. The entire atelier was breathing freedom.”

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” 2015


In the summer of 2015 a village is created in front of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum.·“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Atelier Van Lieshout created a lively and excitingly chaotic place for visitors, artists, festival makers, students and anyone who is curious.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is the biggest installation by Atelier Van Lieshout to date. At the center of the installation is the “Refectorium”, surrounded by new Atelier Van Lieshout works such as the “Domesticator” as well as by iconic works such as the “BarRectum”, the “Workshop for Weapons and Bombs”, the “Workshop for Medicine and Alcohol” and “The Heads, Claudia & Hermann”. Dacha-like buildings like the “Caretaker”, “Domesticator” and “Farmhouse” will complete this large-scale installation on the site of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum.

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“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

The Rockmusic room


This is one of the most remarkable rooms in the famous Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam: the Rock Music Room. You could say it’s tailor-made for rock stars. It is mainly made of wood, suspended inside the hotel space to muffle noise and loud sounds. A Multi-women bed is installed for groupies and all kinds of equipment are available to play all night long without disturbing any other hotel guest. Even the windows can be blocked with panels to arrange darkness, so the night seems to be ever-lasting

AVL Shaker chair (new)
AVL Shaker table (new)
AVL Shaker chair (second life)
AVL Shaker chair (second life)
Pipecutter 2015
Pipecutter 2015

Pipecutter 2015


Atelier van Lieshout combines idealism and grit to produce sculptures, installations, furnishings, architectural spaces, and plans for the future of humanity. Functional or fantastical, their work is shaped by a belief in self-sufficiency, distrust of politics and power, and the universal paradigms of life and death. Atelier van Lieshout aims to reveal where we are now—trapped in a sanitized, consumerist world—and where we should be—reconnected to farming, industry, and the ongoing cycle of production and consumption.


state of Minnesota. AVL added a darker side to the museum's good intentions. The project “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, was a triptych structure composed of a trailer, a house and an extension. Bad things live in the house; its imaginary ideal dweller is the Una Bomber, a prototype terrorist who survived alone in the forest and recycled materials to manufacture his bombs.


New Tribal Labyrinth


New Tribal Labyrinth is a project that reflects on our extremely advanced and complex society, in which over-consumption and limited raw materials play a crucial role. In AVL's vision, this will lead to conflict and the subsequent emergence of a new world order, with groups of people organising themselves in tribes instead of nation-states. This new tribal world will see a return to farming and industry which currently both have been banished from our society – and a re-establishment of our relationship with materials which now has been lost.

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The project “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” 1998

For the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, in 1998 Atelier van Lieshout was commissioned to make a mobile art lab: a youth center on wheels that could bring the good word of art and culture to schools and people from poorer neighbourhoods throughout the

AVL Shaker chair

21 08 2015

The AVL Shaker chair by Joep van Lieshout, is inspired by 18th century Northern American Shakers, a religious community originating from England. The Shakers believed in a simple life, community ownership, pacifism, dancing in worship, equality of the sexes, celibacy. The Shaker community was completely independent and self-supporting and even produced its own furniture.

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