Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti (1920-2006)

Magistretti’s research has been continuous - into design, the culture of the project and innovative experimentation with materials and space solutions, not to mention shapes and functions far from the rigors of fashion that they have passed through during the years. 

buy Carimate armchair red

Silver armchair

Nova Rossa shelving

Vidun table

Magistretti's first great success came with the world famous Carimate chair produced by the Cassina. The Carimate mixed rural simplicity with urban sophistication. There were the smooth lines of the wooden supports and legs, the colour, the pop-art bright red frame and elements of Scandinavian design.

Magistretti based the design of the DePadova Silver on the proportions of the legendary Thonet chair, for a seat in polypropylene and aluminum that is comfortable, light, versatile and sturdy. Around the dining table or in the studio, it adapts to any environment. Silver: a new classic.

The incredibly simple folding bookcase Nuvola Rossa is typical of Magistretti's modus operandi in that it was created as a result of an analysis of the product type, followed by a reinterpretation of the sum of its parts, bringing together the different sides and shelves.

In Milanese dialect Vidun means 'big screw.' The screw, a small, useful object, generated the idea of the first table in the DePadova collection.